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The subject of true personalized nutrition can be daunting, and knowing what it feels like to function at your optimum health is an experience no one should live without 


As a passionate health practitioner, food guru and fitness enthusiast I am here to help others find peace between their relationships with food and their bodies. My practice specializes in food intolerances and weight management and offers many tools to successfully reach your goals and feel your best.


Manon C. Pierme, HHP

Integrative Nutrition Consulting

Food Intolerance & Weight Management 

Our Concepts

Blood Sample

Blood type

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The Blood Type Diet™ is one of the most recognized discoveries in alternative medicine. It is a reliable tool when working with the concept of bio-Individuality. Your blood type determines what kind of foods, exercises, supplements and treatments you will most effectively thrive with.



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Becoming familiar with your metabolic type is all about understanding what ratio of: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats you need to fuel your bio-specific body. There are three metabolic types that one my fall under: protein, carbohydrate or mixed.

This approach consists of a comprehensive list of foods that are most or least suited to you and how to properly combine them.   

Winter Activity


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Movement of the physical body is essential.  We are built to be mobile, and it's important to find forms of exercise that will correspond with your body as well as lifestyle and is pleasurable to you. I can help you find what suits you best. 

Healthy Diet

Portion control

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Two very impactful things to implement in a healthy lifestyle are portion control and variety. The mistakes I often see is the repetition of extreme restriction and limited choices of foods. This creates stress on your body and mind. 

 I find it to be pivotal in the journey to a healthier lifestyle that we allow ourselves a variety of foods that agree with our needs, bringing excitement to pallet and our senses. 



What a consultation

looks like

To make the most of our time together you will first receive your metabolic-type test and/or a food-intolerance test, and health history form. With this information our initial consultation will last 60-90 minutes depending on your health condition and goals.  


Consultations include the following: 

  • Meal plan

  • Exercise plan 

  • Personalized food list

  • Recipes

  • Food and/or supplement samples 

  • Email support between sessions

  • Educative hand outs 

  • Session notes

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Another medicinal root that has more benefits than one can imagine and better known as a huge cancer preventative. Its been used for centuries to fight an array of diseases and maladies but also delivers beautifying agents to both you and your food. 

Food-Intolerance Testing



Your gut makes up 70% of the immune system. It regulates hormones, vitamin and mineral absorption, and 95% of your serotonin is produced in the gut! If all of this is compromised than your quality of life is too. Sometimes it takes eliminating a very unexpected food from your diet to feel truly your self again. 


Uncomfortable health conditions are often caused by foods we eat every day. You may not be allergic to some foods but that does not mean they don't cause problems. You could simply be intolerant or sensitive. So, let's take a closer look at what that means; 

Food Sensitivity vs. Food Allergy

There is a big difference between having a food allergy and being food intolerant. Classic food allergies such as a peanut allergy has an immediate reaction in the body. Even Celiac disease is accompanied by fast-erupting symptoms that can be deadly. However food sensitivity or intolerance, which is  just as serious, is progressive in it’s symptoms and arises at a slower pace.  A classic food-allergy test is very unlikely to pick up on an intolerance or sensitivity. 

Why test for food sensitivity? 

It is just as important to test for sensitivities than it is to test for allergies. Our gut and digestive system are the core function for energy, growth, immunity and cellular recovery. It is what scientists and doctors call today our “ second brain”.


Food sensitivity causes undigested foods to enter the bloodstream and put our bodies in a fighting state causing dangerous and progressive inflammation. Think of your body’s symptoms when it comes down with the flu or is fighting a bacterial/viral infection. You will experience uncomfortable symptoms like fatigue, feeling foggy, stomach discomfort, headaches, appetite changes and much more. All of those symptoms are occurring in the body because of the same “fighting inflammation”. 


If you experience any of the following symptoms a food sensitivity test is highly recommended: 


  • Unexpected Weight Gain/Weight Loss

  • Cravings 

  • Metabolic Problems

  • Bloating

  • IBS

  • Fatigue 

  • Brain Fog

  • Skin Problems 

  • Depression/Anxiety 

  • Congestion 

  • Body Aches/Stiffness 




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