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Manon is a licensed nutrition and wellness practitioner on a mission to harmonize people’s health through an array of dietary modalities. Her background stems from the teachings of renowned health leaders such as Dr. Andrew Weil, Walter Willet, Bernie Siegel, Joel Fuhrman and David Wolfe to name a few. She received her accreditation at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and later received her Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification at Body of Santa Fe in New Mexico while also becoming a certified Ayurvedic self-care educator with Amadea Morningstar. This gave her the necessary knowledge and intuition to begin a practice specializing in food intolerance/digestive health, weight management, and women’s health.
French-born  and raised in a European-cultured home all the while growing up in the United States was a privilege for her work as it gave a complimenting contrast between the importance of wholesome foods and modern dietary needs. While many people in Europe depend on their culturally rooted values in food to keep them healthy, the American culture emphasizes fitness and dietary theories to thrive. Three concepts that make a very successful team. With a strong focus on bio-individuality and the use of different dietary approaches Manon can create a specific health regime to bring lasting results without the stress, deprivation and “relapse” that comes with today’s fad and extreme diets.

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Nutrition and wellbeing are only one of the focuses she has as a wellness advocate. Manon is owner of Manolla by Senbi, a granola company that has made its way onto the shelves of Whole Foods Market™ and other specialty food stores in the nation. Her knowledge on products and the marketing gimmicks of food brands come in handy in helping you understand what is safe and not safe to eat. 

In the NEWS

In the news
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Where To Eat In Santa Fe

This female founded health cafe offers up a robust smoothie selection along with casual vegetarian and vegan fare. Eat on the patio, or take your meal to-go for a picnic lunch. Don’t pass up a bag of their homemade granola to take home with you.

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The French Connection

Café Manolla comes to Canyon Road

Are you sitting down right now? Can you sit down? You should be sitting down. For I'm about to tell you something: I just had one of the top three tartines of my entire life. Not to brag, but I've been to France. I've been everywhere, man, and I've eaten many a tartine around this globe of ours ... More

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Manolla by Senbi

Artisanal granola made in Santa Fe

Manon Pierme is on a mission to provide delicious, quality foods to Santa Fe and beyond. For the past year, Pierme has been producing handmade, artisanal Manolla by Senbi granola from her facility at ... More

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