Let your tastebuds dance

to the beat of health

When you need homemade creations designed to energize your soul and body at the cellular level.



is so much more than a cafe. 

Sesame Seeds - A mineral power house. Great for bones and lactating mothers.  

Just for YOU

Are you craving healthy and innovative food created for you?


Manolla cafe offers food made with the expertise of a nutritionist, the culture of France, and the sensibility of a health-crazed new mother.


What more could you want? 

Kale - Omega rich and packed with Vitamin A, K & C. 




Located on world-famous Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Manolla Cafe offers the perfect spot to rest and refresh in between your forays to the many galleries and artisanal workshops. 

While our nutritious, locally-sourced and organic menu is ever changing, you can be sure to find the perfect lunch or snack during your visit. Try our smoothie creations and elixirs for a boost of energy and vibrance. 

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Lemon - an antiseptic fruit that helps reduce inflammation, water retention,  & lowers blood pressure.


  • Carrots

    This grounding root vegetable aids your digestion, improves eyesite, helps manage weight, lowers blood pressure and helps you maintain a healthy glow - All with carrots!!

  • Kale

    Omega-rich,dark, leafy-green vegetable that I adore. Packed with vitamin A, K & C which keeps your immune system strong, young and healthy. It also support liver function because it's full of antioxidants. 

  • Lavender

    A bit of lavender will take you straight to the south of France! As you wander the fragrant fields your body will benefit from the antiseptic, nerve-calming and blood-pressure regulating effects of this magical flower. 

  • Tumeric

    A medicinal root with more health benefits than one can imagine and better known as a cancer preventative. For centuries Turmeric has not only been use to fight an array of diseases and maladies, it also delivers beautifying agents to you and your food. 

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Don't have time to nourish your body and soul? Order online and we will have your package of goodness ready to go. 

Cacao - Rich in  phenylethylamine, an adrenal chemical that is released when overcome with love and joy.




Organic, homemade granola creations made for those who want nutrition, bio-diversity and pizazz in their food. Learn more!

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DIVE Deeper

Bio-individually created

packages for mommas and the special nutrition their bodies need 

Manon will give you a personalized overview of your nutritional needs. Schedule your free consultation.  

Do you have inflammatory symptoms or pesky allergies? This could be a food intolerance. We can test you for over 800 potential foods issues. 

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Let your tastebuds dance to the beat of health